CAT & Genny – Cable Avoidance Tool Training


Our cable avoidance tool training is an intensive one day training course delivered by trainers approved by C.Scope and Radiodetection and can be tailored to suit the type of equipment your organisation currently employs.

Cable avoidance tools are used in a wide variety of environments throughout the construction industry. To give additional credibility to the training, if the client has the appropriate facilities we can arrange the training to be delivered in the same environment as the candidates will be expected to use the equipment in.

The course has been designed to give candidates a comprehensive knowledge of how to operate cable avoidance tools to help them avoid buried services and is highly interactive with theory and practical sessions which will include using the equipment with a signal clamp and/or direct connection leads where possible.

To conclude the course each candidate will receive a one to one training session to aid the learning experience, or we can add written and practical assessments which will allow the competence of each candidate to be evaluated.

Due to the intensity of the course and to ensure candidates receive a high standard of training, the course will be limited to a maximum of 12 candidates.


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